Next Meeting: October 24th, Ridges Golf Course, Social: 6:00, Meal at 7:00, Meeting

About Us

Who is the Jordan Commercial Club



Have you heard about us? We’ve been here quite a while, but not  everyone in town knows us. The Jordan Commercial Club was established  more than 100 years ago to serve the Jordan community. Our club is made  up of about 50 members of the Jordan community and surrounding area.

What  is the Commercial Club? Well, you sort of need to get involved to fully  understand it. In 1922, John Casey, then the editor of the Jordan  Independent, wrote:

“In the case of towns, the Commercial Club is  the deliberative body that most frequently spurs to action. There the  business and farm interests of the community can get together, make  suggestions, thresh out ideas, reject the visionary, the impossible or  the impracticable in a good natured way and by the combined counsel and  wisdom of many wise heads do something. That’s it. Do Something.”

95 years later…how does our club still do this? We meet at 6 p.m. on  the fourth Thursday of each month, have a beverage or two for the first  hour, are served dinner (included in our annual fee), and then have an  informative speaker relative to us Jordanites. Our meetings usually last  until about 8 p.m. and are a great way to meet others in the Jordan  community, as well as rub shoulders with our local leaders. We’re not  quite a chamber of commerce, not a local government meeting, and not  strictly a social event. We are a gathering of people with varying roles  across the community, regular joes on up, who like to discuss and  implement ways to make the Jordan community a better place to live, work  and play.

We have some fun events coming up. We hope you’ll  consider joining us sometime, or even becoming a member. No need to own a  local business or hold a public office, we’re about our community and  anyone can join.


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